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Other Standards

Whilst Aries specialises in the assessment and eventual certification of ISO standards, it is able to support your organisation in its journey towards any accredited certification.

Our team of professional assessors and consultants can help you identify the most appropriate standards that will allow you to adhere to industry-specific legislation, work with international entities, and maintain a consistent standard throughout your operations.

No matter which recognised standard you are aiming for, we can help you achieve your goals by providing you with the necessary support. Apart from assessing your organisation’s readiness, we can help with the following challenges:


Obtaining and maintaining any significant standard requires the involvement of your entire workforce. We can help you identify the key personnel that must be involved from the onset and the best ways to get the rest of the team involved at the most opportune moment.


There is always a cost associated with the implementation of internationally recognised standards. We can help you estimate the cost of time and resources to help you understand the effect of certification on your cash flow and on your daily operations.


Any management system you decide to implement requires constant record-keeping. Whether in physical or virtual format, we can provide the necessary know-how to help you identify the most cost-effective and efficient ways to store and access this valuable data.


Depending on the standard that you are after, your enterprise might spend weeks or months in order to enact the necessary changes and improvements. Our team can help you plan your assessment and accreditation schedule to minimise downtime and reduce costs.

Aries Ltd offers management systems assessment and certification services in compliance with international ISO standards for businesses, government bodies, and NGOs.

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