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What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is one of the best international standards for information security management systems, or ISMS. This standard provides a robust framework to help public and private organisations protect valuable and sensitive information. At the same time, this standard seeks to create a practical and efficient way to access data and operate a proven risk management process.

Who needs ISO 27001 certification?

Any business, government department, authority, NGO, or any other entity that collects or uses sensitive or personal data will benefit from obtaining ISO 27001 certification. More than simply being a GDPR-standard, this ISMS can help protect your organisation’s reputation and intellectual property (IP).

Here are a few examples of how ISO 27001 can benefit different businesses and organisations:

Cloud Services

Any business or organisation offering or operating on the cloud is particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. ISO 27001 can help mitigate the risks and provide a structured way to manage the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of data, without causing delays or disruptions.

Public Services

Governments have been slow to adapt to the increasing number of cyber threats and this has led to a rise in the number of ransomware incidents. ISO 27001 can provide your department with safeguards to help prevent such instances whilst also giving your staff the necessary awareness and training.


Manufacturing organisations that have proprietary technologies are extremely susceptible to cyberattacks. By implementing ISO 27001, businesses will have a structured way to provide limited, yet sufficient access of specific data to identifiable individuals at preset times, reducing the likelihood of successful corporate espionage.

What’s ISO 27001 all about?

In just a few words, ISO 27001 exists to keep the information that you or your clients hold most dear away from prying eyes and criminals. With this standard, your organisation is less likely to fall victim to a data breach that could result in substantial fines and severe reputational consequences.

Here are five of the most important benefits of ISO 27001 certification:

  • Lowers the risk of reputational damage as a result of a data breach
  • Improves your organisation’s reputation with new customers and partners
  • Reduces the risk of regulatory fines or charges arising from successful cyberattacks
  • Decreases the likelihood of management by crisis, fostering an environment of caution and responsibility
  • Provides structured and focused operating procedures that maintain a strong information security management system

Significant data breaches are constantly making headline news, but many smaller ransomware attacks are never reported due to reputational damage. ISO 27001 helps entities identify key personnel who have the responsibility to safeguard against threats and ensures that they have the necessary capabilities to fight off this growing emergency.

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