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About Us

Our core principles are what inspire us.

Aries has been operating in Malta since 2013. During this time, our core mission and values have not changed, and to this day, they remain focused on putting our clients first.

We understand that our services are not glamorous or exciting. However, just like maintaining a bridge, they provide a tried and tested way for your organisation to operate reliably and consistently. No one talks about bridge maintenance until something goes wrong.

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary organisational infrastructure that reduces the likelihood of anything going wrong, or reduces any lasting impact when it does.

Since our launch, we have prioritised our commitment to teamwork and innovation. We care for our customers and each other, never compromising on the quality or the integrity of our services. This, we believe, is how we have succeeded to gain our clients’ trust and continued confidence.

Our mission is what defines us.

The Aries mission is “to safeguard life, property, and the environment”. We seek to be a reliable partner that is able to improve your organisation’s quality, safety, and efficiency. Our unique approach to risk management and operational assessments allow us to deliver our services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Throughout our services, we adhere to the principles of sustainability, namely people, planet, and profit. Our assessment and recommendations tie in all three Ps, and, as a result, your organisation will be able to improve its social, environmental, and economic performances simultaneously.

Our vision is what guides us.

It is tempting for businesses to be everything to everybody. However, this is neither practical nor sustainable. This is why the team at Aries has always focused on its core vision to guide its direction and decision-making.

We want to make an “impact for a safe and sustainable future”. Aries is local but has global aspirations.

Aries Certification Body at a glance

8+ Years in operation

Since 2013, we have been supporting local businesses to obtain ISO and other reputable standards.

100 Certifications issued

Our clients continue to trust us as we have been delivering on our promises since our inception.

80+ Satisfied clients

We provide our services to businesses and organisations operating in any and all industries.

Who can benefit from our expertise?

Our services are focused on ISO and IEC standards, however, we can adapt to specific standards or requirements. We help our clients to attain the certification they require through an independent, impartial, and competent assessment.

The short answer is any business or organisation that wants or needs a standardised quality management system. This includes:


Companies, partnerships or sole traders looking to provide consistent quality.


Governmental departments and authorities seeking to comply with regulations.


Any non-governmental organisations looking to build trust and cooperation.

Get to know your assessment partner a little better.

Aries Certification Ltd., or Aries in short, is a registered company based in Malta. We first commenced business activities in Malta in 2013. From our central office, we provide certification services that adhere to both ISO and IEC standards.

By partnering up with Aries, your business or organisation will be able to benefit from standardisation, according to recognised international criteria, across a variety of operational components.

In simpler terms, together with our partners, we provide assessment and certification in:

Quality management

Providing a certified quality management system that supports your commitment to consistent quality and customer satisfaction, including in the medical field.

Environment protection

Show off the environmental credentials of your organisation by attaining the necessary recognised standards that champion sustainable development and other environmentally-friendly actions.

Health and safety

Prove how your employees’ wellbeing is a top priority by enacting the necessary occupational H&S management systems that protect both them and your customers.

Energy preservation

Reduce the cost and the negative environmental impact of energy consumption by identifying opportunities to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Food safety

Have confidence in your food chain by enacting the necessary checks and standards that elevate the quality of food transport, preparation, and storage.

Information security

Protect your data and win over your clients’ trust with an information security management system that safeguards this valuable asset and helps prevent embarrassing and expensive breaches.

Let us offer you a coffee

It would be our pleasure to meet with you and help you understand our services better. If you are interested to learn more about attaining internationally-recognised standards we invite you to get in touch.

Aries Ltd offers management systems assessment and certification services in compliance with international ISO standards for businesses, government bodies, and NGOs.

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